Footprints Theatre Company C.I.C
Company No. 07662198

Any place is a stage...

Footprints Theatre Company develops Applied Theatre work with a leaning towards site-specific theatre. We apply theatrical techniques to any environment and situation that is not a traditional theatre.

Our aim is to engage in the issue of environment, place and identity using the medium of theatre finding ways to articulate and animate spaces. We also aim to bring the communities that live around and in the spaces together.

All places have an identity which is built through the actions and events that take place in the space. Footprints examines spaces, actions and events and re-contextualises the site through artistic exploration.

Footprints develops and performs quality original work in any place:

"Really enjoyed the performance, and such an effective use of the environment. Powerful acoustics and an eerie poignancy made for a very effective production." 

"Saw this fantastic piece of theater last night. incredibly powerful and moving. The choirs beautiful voices filled the church,and the actors moved effortlessly through Colchester's varied history. I would highly recommend seeing it." 

"Set in the beautiful interior space of St. Martin's Church. Not being Colchester born or bred, I was unaware of most of the stories told - what an amazing history that building has! ....The cast re-'inhabited' it with whispering voices and ghosts to bring it movingly back to life....  Huge congratulations to the creative team, actors, children and community choir who made it all happen."




We create performances, run events and  develop workshops for communities.....